Buses attacked with bricks outside Brandywell Stadium in Derry

bus Image copyright Ciaran Culligan

A fan of Dundalk Football Club has said he and his friends will not be returning to Londonderry again after their buses were attacked on Friday night.

Three coaches, carrying up to 100 football fans, were attacked with bricks and stones outside the Brandywell Stadium.

The attack followed the League of Ireland fixture between the two clubs.

A police spokesperson said they were aware of the incident.

Aiden Kinsella, the driver of a 52-seater coach, said he had to take evasive action to get his passengers to safety.


"We'll not be in Derry again any time soon," said Mr Kinsella.

"The fans who were on my bus expressed their shock and anger.

"There's always a great atmosphere in Derry and the fans always get on.

"We came out of the grounds and we were attacked by a group of young people.

"They used big red bricks, stones and blocks of concrete.

Image copyright Ciaran Culligan

"We tried to reverse but we couldn't because of the traffic. We had nowhere to go.

"There were some young children on board. It was very scary for them.

"The people on board said they will not be in Derry again.

"We were very fortunate that no one was hurt."