Foyleville day centre: Londonderry elderly care concern

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Image caption The trust said is would consider all views on how day care services are delivered in the future

A senior nurse whose 77-year-old brother is in a day care centre in Londonderry has said that its closure would be a "terrible loss".

A public meeting between Western Trust managers and Foyleville staff and residents was held on Wednesday.

Barbara Bradley said that those who attend the centre, which provides respite care, were very upset.

A consultation on proposals to reform day care services will close on 24 April.

Foyleville day centre did have a residential centre attached to it but that was closed by the trust in 2010. It is one of three day centres in Derry along with Carnhill and Creggan.

'Very Detrimental'

Speaking to BBC Radio Foyle Barbara Bradley warned of the impact its closure would have on the city.

"People in their 80s and 90s came out in their wheelchairs, their walking aids along with their carers and met with two trust managers. People were really quite anxious and very upset.

"Foyleville has been there for 18 years, it's very well established there's a great sense of belonging. It's not just like a day centre, it's almost like an extended family.

"To see that close and everyone scattered would be a terrible loss to the city."

Ms Bradley's brother, who is disabled, lives on his own and receives twice weekly visits from carers as well as a visit to Foyleville.

"It's the highlight of his week," she said, "It has really given him a new lease of life and for him to be deprived of that i think would be very, very detrimental."

They said the consultation on proposals for the reform of Day Care Services within Primary Care and Older People Services will close at 4pm on Friday 24 April 2015.

A spokesperson for the Western Trust said: "The Trust is really keen to hear and consider carefully all views on how our Day Care Services are delivered in the future. We would encourage everyone to get their responses in as soon as possible and contribute their views."