Police on mission to 'boldly go' and track down stolen Star Trek cards

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image captionThe owner may be hoping for the PSNI to "make it so".

Police in Londonderry are on a mission to boldly go and track down about 3,800 Star Trek trading cards of "quite a high value".

"I canny change the laws of physics, but I can try and return stolen property and solve crimes." PSNI Foyle's Facebook page posted, Scotty style.

The cards from the hit sci-fi series were stolen last Tuesday.

They are galactic treasure for Trekky fans.

They range in price from £1 to a couple of hundred pounds on online auction sites.

In their post, police used a number of fans' favourite quotes including: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one" and "Live long and prosper".

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image captionIt's a burglary, but not as we know it...

Police in Derry achieved success with a similar post when they appealed for the safe return of a stolen dog, called Pixie.