Stickers prevent bird Foyle Arena deaths

foyle arena
Image caption No birds have struck the windows since the stickers were added

New safety measures at a Londonderry leisure centre have stopped confused birds crashing into the building's glass frontage.

Around six disorientated birds per day were dying after flying into the windows of the Foyle Arena.

In a bid to deter collisions, bird of prey stickers were added to the glass seven weeks ago.

Derry City and Strabane District Council said the move has had "a 100% success rate."

The council's biodiversity officer Julie Hannaway said the deaths had been causing distress to both staff and visitors.

"We had to find a fast solution that wouldn't detract from the look of the building, but would also ensure the safety of the local wildlife."

Image caption The £12.7m Foyle Arena features large glass panels along the front of the building

She said the stickers worked because they help to break the reflection.

Council said not a single bird has flown into the building since the birds of prey stickers were added to the Arena.

Image copyright DCSDC
Image caption Staff at Foyle Arena are delighted the bird deaths have stopped

Staff member Donna Philson said workers were delighted by how effective the deterrent has been.

"Members of the public have been asking about the bird stickers and when we explain what they are some tell us they have had the same problems at home and are grateful when they learn what they can do to prevent it happening."

The £12.7m Foyle Arena opened in 2015.