Sean McVeigh: 25-year jail term for police murder bid

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image captionSean McVeigh, pictured in 2014, has been sentenced to 25 years

A dissident republican who tried to murder a police officer with an under-car bomb has been jailed for 25 years

Sean McVeigh, 38, of Victoria Street in Lurgan, was convicted last month of the attempted murder of a police officer at his home in Eglinton, County Londonderry.

The incident took place at the officer's home on 18 June 2015.

Judge Stephen Fowler it had been a "terrifying ordeal" for the police officer who was targeted.

He described McVeigh as a "committed dissident republican terrorist".

Belfast Crown Court was told that the car targeted belonged to a serving policeman, and his wife was also a police officer.

The Judge said there "could easily have been multiple deaths".

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image captionA bomb was discovered under a police officer's car in Eglinton in 2015

Police believe McVeigh was one of three men involved in the attack in June 2015.

He was later arrested by Gardai across the border in Co Donegal following a car chase.

He refused to answer questions and was released on bail.

Almost a year later, McVeigh was arrested by the PSNI at Portadown train station in May 2016.

At Belfast Crown Court on Friday, McVeigh sat in the dock and listened as he was sentenced.

The Judge said he had 36 previous convictions but this was the first time he had been charged with use of explosives.

Following the sentencing, Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell said: "Sean McVeigh chose to attack two officers who had selflessly chosen to protect their community and keep people safe despite the ever present threat posed by dissident republicans."

He said that despite McVeigh's "evil intentions", he had been "unable to take these people away from their families and destroy numerous lives all in the name of his warped ideology".