Drone sighting at Ulster Gliding Club investigated

drone above glider Image copyright Owen Anderson.
Image caption Police have appealled for anyone with information about the drone over the airfield to come forward

A drone sighting over the Ulster Gliding Club in County Londonderry is being investigated by police.

The PSNI said the drone was reported on Sunday afternoon after it was seen hovering above the airfield on the Seacoast Road in Bellarena.

They said it was hovering close to gliders and urged anyone with information to come forward.

The Ulster Gliding Club said the drone "appeared while gliding was in process".

Image copyright Owen Anderson.
Image caption The club said if a glider and drone collided it could "have great consequences."

"This was a dangerous occurrence", Owen Anderson from the club added.

"A collision with a drone may well bring down a glider or light aircraft which could have great consequences.

"We had to suspend flying for a time and have reported the incident to the police and other authorities.

"While we don't wish to stop drone users from enjoying their pastime, we do ask that they follow the drone code at all times; which among other things states that drones should never be flown close to airports or airfields."

Image copyright Owen Anderson.
Image caption All flights were grounded for a time on Sunday afternoon at the club's County Londonderry airfield

The PSNI said enquiries are continuing.

"If you wish to use a drone for any commercial operation, this must only be with permission issued by the Civil Aviation Authority," the police said.

"You must not fly near any airfield, airport or other aircraft. You must not fly within 50 metres of a person, vehicle, building of structure or over or within 150 metres of crowds or built up areas."

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