Londonderry: Coroner concerned over drug-related deaths

Bishop's Street Court house
Image caption "Unfortunately I am seeing too many drugs-related deaths in Derry", Mr McGurgan said.

A coroner has said he is "deeply concerned" about the growing number of drugs-related deaths in Londonderry.

Patrick McGurgan made the comments during an Inquest into the death of Teresa Duffy, 32, who was found dead in her flat at Abercorn Road on 10 November 2018.

She had died from an accidental overdose.

Mr McGurgan told Bishop's Street Court house it was his third drugs-related Inquest in Derry in the last two weeks.

"I am very concerned about the amount of such Inquests in this city," the coroner said.

'So much to live for'

"There is no doubt she had difficulties with drugs and unfortunately she paid for that with her life," Mr McGurgan said.

"This was a waste of a perfectly happy young lady who had so much to live for.

"I sincerely hope something positive follows from this tragedy which was traumatic for her family," he added

Tragedy helping others

Teresa's mother, Susan Duffy told the coroner her family did not want other families to suffer the death of a family member in such circumstances.

"If our tragedy helps another family then the life of my daughter Teresa will have achieved something.

"People just don't understand the absolute devastation such a death causes," she said.