NI Assembly election: full list of candidates


The full list of candidates for the Northern Ireland Assembly election on 5 May has been released by the Electoral Office.

Each of Northern Ireland's 18 constituencies has six assembly seats; in total, 108 seats are being contested in the election.

Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are elected under the Single Transferable Vote system of proportional representation.

A total of 218 candidates will be standing. The largest number is in East Belfast, where 17 candidates are seeking election, while the smallest number - 10 - is in South Antrim.

East Antrim

Roy Beggs: UUP

Stewart Dickson: Alliance Party

Daniel Donnelly: Green Party

David Hilditch: DUP

Gordon Lyons: DUP

Justin McCamphill: SDLP

Rodney McCune: UUP

Oliver McMullan: Sinn Fein

Steven Moore: British National Party

Gerardine Mulvenna: Alliance Party

Alastair Ross: DUP

Ruth Wilson: TUV

Sammy Wilson: DUP

Tommy Black: Socialist Party

Judith Cochrane: Alliance Party

Ann Cooper: British National Party

Michael Copeland: UUP

Sammy Douglas: DUP

Brian Ervine: PUP

Martin Gregg: Green Party

Chris Lyttle: Alliance Party

Kevin McNally: Workers Party

Robin Newton: DUP

Niall Ó Donnghaile: Sinn Fein

Dawn Purvis: Independent

Peter Robinson: DUP

Philip Robinson: UUP

Stephen Stewart: Independent

Harry Toan: TUV

Magdalena Wolska: SDLP

Bernadette Archibald: Sinn Fein

Gregory Campbell: DUP

Thomas Conway: SDLP

John Dallat: SDLP

Boyd Douglas: TUV

Barney Fitzpatrick: Alliance Party

David Harding: UUP

Lesley Macauley: UUP

David McClarty: Independent

Adrian McQuillan: DUP

Cathal Ó hOisin: Sinn Fein

George Robinson: DUP

Pat Cox: Independent

Kenny Donaldson: UUP

Alex Elliott: TUV

Tom Elliott: UUP

Phil Flanagan: Sinn Fein

Arlene Foster: DUP

Tommy Gallagher: SDLP

Michelle Gildernew: Sinn Fein

Sean Lynch: Sinn Fein

Maurice Morrow: DUP

Hannah Su: Alliance Party

Martina Anderson: Sinn Fein

Pól Callaghan: SDLP

Terry Doherty: Independent

Mark H Durkan: SDLP

Colum Eastwood: SDLP

Paul Fleming: Sinn Fein

William Hay: DUP

Eamonn McCann: People Before Profit Alliance

Raymond McCartney: Sinn Fein

Paul McFadden: Independent

Keith McGrellis: Alliance Party

Pat Ramsey: SDLP

Pat Catney: SDLP

Jonathan Craig: DUP

Paul Givan: DUP

Brenda Hale: DUP

Mark Hill: UUP

Trevor Lunn: Alliance Party

Basil McCrea: UUP

Edwin Poots: DUP

Conor Quinn: Green Party

Mary-Kate Quinn: Sinn Fein

Lyle Rea: TUV

Harry Hutchinson: People Before Profit Alliance

Austin Kelly: SDLP

Gary McCann: Independent

Hugh McCloy: Independent

Ian McCrea: DUP

Michael McDonald: Alliance Party

Patsy McGlone: SDLP

Martin McGuinness: Sinn Fein

Walter Millar: TUV

Ian Milne: Sinn Fein

Francie Molloy: Sinn Fein

Michelle O'Neill: Sinn Fein

Sandra Overend: UUP

Cathal Boylan: Sinn Fein

Dominic Bradley: SDLP

Mickey Brady: Sinn Fein

Barrie Halliday: TUV

William Irwin: DUP

Danny Kennedy: UUP

James Malone: Independent

Conor Murphy: Sinn Fein

David Murphy: Alliance Party

Thomas O'Hanlon: SDLP

Robert Woods: UKIP

Jim Allister: TUV

Jayne Dunlop: Alliance Party

Paul Frew: DUP

Bill Kennedy: UUP

David McIlveen: DUP

Daithi McKay: Sinn Fein

Declan O'Loan: SDLP

Audrey Patterson: TUV

Evelyne Robinson: DUP

Mervyn Storey: DUP

Robin Swann: UUP

Paula Bradley: DUP

Fred Cobain: UUP

William Humphrey: DUP

Gerry Kelly: Sinn Fein

John Lavery: Workers Party

JJ Magee: Sinn Fein

Alban Maginness: SDLP

Nelson McCausland: DUP

Raymond McCord: Independent

Caral Ni Chuilin: Sinn Fein

Billy Webb: Alliance Party

Steven Agnew: Green Party

Colin Breen: UUP

Alan Chambers: Independent

Leslie Cree: UUP

Gordon Dunne: DUP

Alex Easton: DUP

Stephen Farry: Alliance Party

Conor Keenan: Sinn Fein

Liam Logan: SDLP

Alan McFarland: Independent

Fred McGlade: UKIP

Peter Weir: DUP

Anne Wilson: Alliance Party

Thomas Burns: SDLP

Trevor Clarke: DUP

Adrian Cochrane-Wilson: UUP

David Ford: Alliance Party

Paul Girvan: DUP

Danny Kinahan: UUP

Pam Lewis: DUP

Mel Lucas: TUV

Mitchel McLaughlin: Sinn Fein

Stephen Parkes: British National Party

Clare Bailey: Green Party

Brian Faloon: People Before Profit Alliance

Mark Finlay: UUP

Anna Lo: Alliance Party

Paddy Lynn: Workers Party

Alex Maskey: Sinn Fein

Conall McDevitt: SDLP

Alasdair McDonnell: SDLP

Michael McGimpsey: UUP

Paddy Meehan: Socialist Party

Ruth Patterson: DUP

Samuel Smyth: Procapitalism

Jimmy Spratt: DUP

Nico Torregrosa: UKIP

Naomi Bailie: Sinn Fein

Willie Clarke: Sinn Fein

Cadogan Enright: Green Party

David Griffin: Alliance Party

John McCallister: UUP

Karen McKevitt: SDLP

Eamonn O'Neill: SDLP

Henry Reilly: UKIP

Margaret Ritchie: SDLP

Caitriona Ruane: Sinn Fein

Jim Wells: DUP

Cecil Andrews: UKIP

Jonathan Bell: DUP

Joe Boyle: SDLP

Mickey Coogan: Sinn Fein

Simon Hamilton: DUP

Kieran McCarthy: Alliance Party

Michelle McIlveen: DUP

David McNarry: UUP

Mike Nesbitt: UUP

Billy Walker: DUP

Terry Williams: TUV

Sydney Anderson: DUP

Joanne Dobson: UUP

Sam Gardiner: UUP

Harry Hamilton: Alliance Party

Dolores Kelly: SDLP

Colin McCusker: UUP

Johnny McGibbon: Sinn Fein

Sheila McQuaid: Alliance Party

Stephen Moutray: DUP

John O'Dowd: Sinn Fein

Barbara Trotter: UKIP

David Vance: TUV

Alex Attwood: SDLP

Gerry Carroll: People Before Profit Alliance

Colin Keenan: SDLP

Brian Kingston: DUP

Pat Lawlor: Socialist Party

John Lowry: Workers Party

Bill Manwaring: UUP

Paul Maskey: Sinn Fein

Fra McCann: Sinn Fein

Jennifer McCann: Sinn Fein

Dan McGuinness: Alliance Party

Brian Pelan: Independent

Sue Ramsey: Sinn Fein

Pat Sheehan: Sinn Fein

Michaela Boyle: Sinn Fein

Allan Bresland: DUP

Thomas Buchanan: DUP

Eric Bullick: Alliance Party

Joe Byrne: SDLP

Pat Doherty: Sinn Fein

Ross Hussey: UUP

Declan McAleer: Sinn Fein

Barry McElduff: Sinn Fein

Paddy McGowan: Independent

Eugene McMenamin: Independent

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