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EU referendum: Peter Bone expects 'exceptionally high turnout'

Brexit campaigners Tom Purseglove, Peter Bone, Sammy Wilson and Ian Paisley Jr hold press conference at Stormont
Image caption Brexit campaigners Tom Purseglove, Peter Bone, Sammy Wilson and Ian Paisley Jr held press conference at Stormont on Monday

The Conservative MP Peter Bone has said he expects an exceptionally high turnout in Thursday's referendum on the UK membership of the European Union.

One of the founders of the Grassroots Out movement, he was visiting Stormont.

He said it was right the referendum campaign paused after the murder of MP Jo Cox, who was attacked in her West Yorkshire constituency last Thursday.

Canvassing over the weekend, Mr Bone said nothing had changed in terms of voters' response to his arguments.

Despite some weekend newspaper polls suggesting a revival in the Remain camp, Mr Bone said he does not accept the premise that the Leave campaign will not win.

He described the race as very, very close and said that that if everyone votes "we will wake up on Friday as an independent sovereign United Kingdom".

If Remain wins narrowly, he ruled out pushing for a second referendum.

Mr Bone was speaking at Stormont, where he and another Leave campaigner Tom Purseglove were visiting Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) MPs Sammy Wilson and Ian Paisley

The MPs had been due to campaign in Northern Ireland on Monday, but are flying back to Westminster for the recall of parliament following the death of Mrs Cox.

Several high-profile Remain campaigners, including former head of the World Trade Organisation Peter Sutherland, have warned that Northern Ireland would suffer more than any other part of the UK in the event of a Brexit (British exit from the EU).

The referendum takes place on Thursday, 23 June.

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