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General election 2017: Captivated by the campaign?

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Media captionBBC News NI asks people in Belfast what they make of the general election campaign so far

Brilliant or boring? Inspired or insipid?

How would you describe the election campaign so far?

This game of political musical chairs should all be getting quite feisty by now, so are you excited or exhausted by yet another election?

We took to Belfast's Continental Market at lunchtime on Friday to find out your views on the polling news.

Locking horns again

Image caption Arlene Foster was back on the canvass on Friday, meeting colourful supporters

It was back to business as usual for the parties on Friday as they resumed full campaigning after three low-key days in the wake of the Manchester attack.

And the big two parties wasted no time in taking a pop at each other, as has been their wont for the past six months or more.

DUP leader Arlene Foster accused her Sinn Féin counterpart Michelle O'Neill of "hypocrisy" over her condemnation of Monday's bombing, in which 22 people were killed.

"You have to reflect on the fact that she, only a few weeks ago, was in Loughgall commemorating those who were going out to murder and to kill," said Mrs Foster.

"I think that's where the hypocrisy lies in all of this."

Image caption Martina Anderson hit back at Arlene Foster over her claims of "hypocrisy"

But Sinn Féin's Martina Anderson said that was an "absolutely outrageous statement", as she defended her party's Stormont leader.

The MEP asked: "Are you trying to suggest that we, as a party who have been involved in peace-building for many, many years, should not condemn such an attack?

"We should."

Dodgem the election trail

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Media captionBBC News NI's political correspondent Gareth Gordon takes to the dodgems

It's all work and no play out there for political journalists, apparently, as they follow the parties around on the campaign.

But wait, what's this? BBC News NI's political correspondent Gareth Gordon seems to be dodging the work while down in Newcastle in County Down this week.

Well, not really - he was filming his profile of South Down, where two parties are vying in a race to the summit, which you can read about here.

And you can see Gareth's full report from the majestic Mourne mountains constituency on BBC Newsline here.

Let's get quizzical

We'll leave you with something to get your mind whirring over the weekend.

Think you know your way around a ballot box? Have a dig through the voting vaults of past general elections with our Parliamentary Challenge.

Test yourself and your friends to see who will top the poll!

BBC News NI's Campaign Catch-up will keep you across the general election trail with a daily dose of the main stories, the minor ones and the lighter moments in the run up to polling day on Thursday 8 June.

Hear more on BBC Radio Ulster's Evening Extra at 17:40 each weekday.

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