Spending Review: What wouldn't you cut?


Chancellor George Osborne is due to deliver his Spending Review on Wednesday 20 October and government departments such as the Foreign Office, the Department of Health, the Home Office and the Department of Transport are all expected to take a hit.

With difficult decisions to be made about where the axe should fall, BBC News would like to know what services you see as essential.

What wouldn't you cut? How would any spending cuts affect you? Do you work in the public sector? How would you achieve savings without making cuts?

We would like to display your comments in video format. Your clip must be a maximum length of one minute. Introduce yourself, tell us your age and your circumstances - ie I'm married with three children, I'm unemployed, I live in...etc. and then tell us what you would not cut.

Alternatively if you want to send us a video clip please complete the form below remembering to include a phone number and a BBC producer will be in touch with more details.