Spending Review: In graphics

The figures in this graphic represent total spending by government departments, which means some of them are different to the headline numbers that Chancellor George Osborne outlined in his spending review speech. More details on how the figures were calculated are below.

DepartmentBudget £bnCuts % (negative values indicate a budget increase)
CLG: Communities9.662.5
CLG: Local government2925.5
Home office10.820.4
Foreign Office1.624.9
International Development7.9-35.7
Energy and Climate Change2.9-14.7
Environment, Food & Rural329.2
Culture, Media & Sport7.111.5
Work and Pensions158.60.1
Northern Ireland165.3
Cabinet Office1.8-28.3
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The chancellor's figures excluded Annual Managed Expenditure, which accounts for things like benefits and public sector pensions, which are not accounted for as part of an individual department's spending plans.

The total estimated 2010-11 figures were calculated from the Spending Review documents and adjusted for inflation at the Office for Budget Responsibility's forecast rates for the next four years. They were then compared with the planned figures for 2014-15 to give the figures for cuts or increases in spending.

HM Treasury was excluded because, as a result of repaid loans from banks, its 2010-11 spending is expected to be negative, making a measure of percentage cuts meaningless.

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