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Former GP Liam Fox comes to aid of pregnant passenger

Dr Liam Fox
Image caption The defence secretary worked as a family doctor before becoming an MP in 1992

Dr Liam Fox went to the aid of a pregnant mother in difficulty during a flight, it has emerged.

The defence secretary, who was a GP before entering politics, answered a call from the pilot for anyone with medical knowledge to come forward.

He assisted the woman on the flight from Istanbul to London until she was met by paramedics at the airport.

A spokesman for Dr Fox said it was the third time in four years he had been called into action in such a way.

'Obliged to help'

Dr Fox was returning to London after a meeting with Turkish military and defence officials on Monday when the incident occurred about halfway through the four-and-a-half hour flight.

The defence secretary was able to make the woman comfortable for the remainder of the journey, his spokesman told the BBC, and she did not suffer any serious distress.

"Of course being a former doctor, he feels obliged to help. Any doctor would do," the spokesman added.

He confirmed this was not the first time that Dr Fox's medical experience had been called upon: "I think it is the third time over the last four years this has happened."

But he said he was not sure whether the woman was aware of her helper's identity and his other responsibilities.

Dr Fox worked as a civilian medical officer in the armed forces and is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.