Cash cuts threat to speed cameras in Northamptonshire

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Speed cameras in Northamptonshire could be switched off because of council cutbacks, a police chief fears.

County council leaders are to consider ending their £1m support for the Casualty Reduction Partnership (CRP), the group which operatesfixed cameras.

But police have warned that turning off cameras could have a "detrimental impact" on safety.

The council said some services would be retained but they would consider the proposal in detail next week.

Assistant chief constable Martin Jelley said in a statement the partnership made a "significant contribution to reducing casualties on our roads".

He said last year 25 people died on the county's roads - which is the lowest number since official records began in 1960.

"We have been keen to continue the partnership and the valuable work they undertake, but the county council appear to feel unable to fund it," he said.

A spokesman for Conservative-controlled Northamptonshire County Council said: "One of the budget proposals is for the Casualty Reduction Partnership to be disbanded bringing an estimated saving of £1.08m.

"However, it is envisaged some of the functions of the partnership would continue.

"The county council would retain a £250,000 budget for accident investigation and analysis and dealing with safety inquiries from the communities."

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