UK Politics

Vote 2011: How events will unfold as voters go to polls

Elections will be held on 5 May for the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly of Wales, the Northern Ireland Assembly and in 279 English local authorities.

Voters will also asked whether they want to change the Westminster voting system in a UK-wide referendum.

In addition, there will be a UK parliamentary by-election in Leicester South as well mayoral elections in Leicester, Torbay, Bedford, Middlesbrough and Mansfield.

Here is a list of expected timings for the results to be announced.

THURSDAY 5 MAY (all timings BST)

  • 7am: Polls open for elections to the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Assembly, English and Northern Irish councils, for the alternative vote referendum and the Leicester South by-election.
  • 10pm: Polls close. Counting begins in some Scottish and Welsh seats and in some English councils
  • 11.30pm: Results begin to come in from some of the early declaring English councils. Sunderland is usually first to publish its result - just as it is at a general election.

FRIDAY 6 MAY - MORNING (all timings approximate: BST)

  • 0130: A fuller picture of the results in England is expected to emerge. Some key councils - such as Sheffield, Hull and Bury - may have completed their counts.
  • 0230: The first Scottish and Welsh constituency results are expected.
  • 0400: By this stage, constituency results are expected to be coming thick and fast from both Scotland and Wales including Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Cardiff.
  • 0600: The first results from regional list elections in Scotland and Wales are expected to be declared over breakfast.
  • 0730: Counting starts in the Leicester South UK by-election
  • 0800: Counting begins in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections.
  • 0900: Counting begins for those Scottish and Welsh seats that did not count overnight.
  • 1130: Results begin to come in from the approximately 160 English councils that did not count overnight - including Brighton, Leeds and Blackpool.

FRIDAY 6 MAY - AFTERNOON (all timings approximate: BST)

  • 1300: The turnout figures for the alternative vote referendum are announced.
  • 1400: Some early results for the Northern Ireland Assembly constituencies are expected by now.
  • 1530: All counts should be completed for the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.
  • 1600: Counting begins around the country for the AV referendum.
  • 1730: First results expected for the AV referendum.
  • 1900: As the results come, a fuller picture is expected to have emerged of the referendum outcome.
  • 2000: The result of the Leicester South UK parliamentary is expected by now. However, it could be much earlier.
  • 2000: The official result of the AV referendum is expected to be declared.

SATURDAY 7 MAY (all timings approximate: BST)

  • 1700: The final results of the Northern Ireland Assembly elections are expected to be announced.

MONDAY 9 MAY (all timings BST)

  • 0900: Counting in Northern Ireland council elections to begin