UK Politics

Conservative Party conference agenda

The Conservative Party autumn conference begins on Sunday in Manchester. Here is a summary of the big speeches and debates. All timings are provisional


14.00: Conference opens

14.20: Debate on the future of the United Kingdom

15.20: Debate on the environment and climate change

16.00: Debate on international development

17.00: Speech by Foreign Secretary William Hague


10.00: Debate on welfare reform and jobs

11.20: Debate on the economy

12.30: Speech by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

14.30: Debate on housing, local government and transport

15.45: Debate on the Olympics and Paralympics


10.00: Debate on London

10.30: Speech by Mayor of London Boris Johnson

11.00: Debate on policing and criminal justice

12.30: Speech by Home Secretary Theresa May, followed by Justice Secretary Ken Clarke

14.30: Debate on young people and cities

15.15: Debate on schools. Speech by Education Secretary Michael Gove

16.15: Debate on NHS. Speech by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley


10.00: Policy forum

11.15: Debate on defence and foreign policy. Speech by Defence Secretary Liam Fox

14.30: Speech by Prime Minister David Cameron