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Quiz: What the Papers Say

The imminent launch of a new Sun on Sunday has been dominating Fleet Street chatter, but what else was preoccupying Britain's newspapers last week?

Why was Richard Dawkins called "an embarrassment to atheists" this week?

a) He provoked the Queen to defend the Church.

b) He said "Oh God" during a BBC radio interview.

c) He forgot the full name of Darwin's seminal work, The Origin of Species.

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What did Rupert Murdoch do on his visit to Sun HQ this week?

a) Threaten to close the newspaper, following the arrest of some Sun journalists for alleged corrupt payments to police.

b) Investigate allegations of phone hacking.

c) Announce the launch of a new Sun title.

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Why did lawyers think that the human rights of some Sun journalists had been breached?

a) Page three was threatened with closure.

b) Some of their sources may be revealed during the investigation into alleged corrupt payments.

c) They had to work long hours.

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Why was David Cameron in Paris this week?

a) To launch Nicolas Sarkozy's re-election campaign.

b) To endorse the new Napoleon theme park.

c) To discuss nuclear energy, defence co-operation and Syria.

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Where did David Cameron hold his first press call in Scotland this week?

a) At the Quaker Oats factory in Cupar.

b) In Holyrood Palace.

c) At Rangers Football club.

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