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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What was dominating British newspaper coverage last week?

1. How long has Rowan Williams served as the Archbishop of Canterbury?

a) Six years

b) Ten years

c) Twenty years

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2. What will the Government's consultation on Gay Marriage cover?

a) Civil marriage for same-sex couples

b) Religious weddings for same-sex couples

c) Heterosexual civil partnerships

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3. What tax change did many papers predict would take place in this week's budget?

a) Scrapping all tax

b) Reducing the top rate of tax

c) Increasing the top rate of tax

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4. What was David Cameron's first outing with President Obama during his official visit to the USA?

a) A ball at The White House

b) A basketball game

c) A horse racing fixture

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5. Which town was one of three to gain city status last week?

a) St Austell

b) St Asaph

c) Greenwich

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