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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What were the British newspapers writing about last week?

1. What details did the two main London mayoral candidates release last week?

a) Personal tax details

b) Relationship history

c) Manifesto pledges

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2. Why was this year's Boat Race restarted?

a) Oxford broke an oar

b) A protestor got into the water

c) The boats crashed

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3. Which Labour Shadow Cabinet Member announced he would like to be elected as the Mayor of Birmingham?

a) Ed Balls

b) Ed Miliband

c) Liam Byrne

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4. Which journalist received an online backlash for writing an article about the way she looks?

a) Samantha Brick

b) Jan Moir

c) Carole Malone

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5. What symbol did Cardinal O'Brien urge Christians to wear as a sign of their faith?

a) A cross

b) A ring

c) Rosary beads

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