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Quiz: What the Papers Say

The British papers were preoccupied with David Cameron's trip to Asia, but what else was Fleet Street writing about?

1. Which country's state oil company provided the charter plane to fly David Cameron around Asia?

a) Iran

b) Angola

c) Mozambique

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2. Which London Mayoral election candidate broke down in tears on the election trail?

a) Ken Livingstone

b) Boris Johnston

c) Jenny Jones

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3. How has the Tory Party Treasurer described plans to cut tax relief on charitable donations?

a) A good idea

b) A disaster

c) It will put people off giving to charity

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4. Who pays a lower tax rate than his secretary?

a) Vladimir Putin

b) Barack Obama

c) Nicolas Sarkozy

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5. What is a geocache?

a) Hi-tech form of hide and seek using a GPS receiver to locate hidden treasure

b) Geological fault on Dorset's Jurassic coast

c) Headache common among geography teachers

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