Ed Miliband - I've got a long way to go

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Media captionEd Miliband's interview with the BBC's Nick Robinson

The Labour leader Ed Miliband has told me that he has "a long way to go" before people see him as prime minister - but said his party now had the chance to be heard.

Speaking on an election visit to Reading he defended himself against the charge that his leadership is unexciting: "This is something about me as a person - methodical, rigorous, not making promises that I can't keep."

His policy caution became obvious in the interview.

When I asked him whether he would pledge to increase the top rate of tax at the next election he refused, saying that the party would unveil its tax plans at the election.

He also refused to say whether he thought the budget for welfare needed cutting further than it has been already.

Mr Miliband was greeted by cheering students at Reading College, but when he arrived at the station he was met by a man who asked Labour officials whether he could have have a picture taken "with David".

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