Dear Andrew Marr: Viewers' comments

Andrew Marr and Nick Clegg MP Deputy PM Nick Clegg talks to Andrew Marr on Sunday 5 October 2014

Snippets of reaction from viewers to BBC1's Andrew Marr Show, broadcast on Sunday mornings.

Comments are from emails and tweets via the #marrshow tag during the show, which can be seen again on BBC iPlayer (for 30 days for UK viewers)

Sunday 8th February

Andy Payne ‏@PercyBlakeney63

Pretty strong performance by @George_Osborne on #Marr today. Confident without doubt

Andy Keech ‏@KeechA13

The interview with Leanne Wood was a glimpse into the left-wing abyss that may be waiting for us after #ge2015 #marr Scary stuff.

Keith Steele ‏@KeithRSteele

Good interview with Osborne on #marr why on earth does he feel the need to treat Sturgeon with kid gloves? #SNPout

wafflycat ‏@wafflycat

Osborne isn't doing well on #Marr lots of flim-flam & squirming. Excellent.

Siva Thambisetty ‏@SivaThambisetty

Two women on the sofa, no posturing, not competing with each other and making much sense. Well done #marrshow #marr

Walaa™ ‏@WalaaIdris

We have one of the best police forces if not the best in the world, and Mark Rowley just showed why. Respect! #Marr

Donna V ‏@DonnaV20

@LeanneWood Excellent on #Marr answered every question unlike Tristram Hunt #clueless

barefootmower ‏@barefootmower

Leanne Wood handles herself very well on TV #Marr

Dr Bel Brooks-Gordon ‏@BelindaBG

@caronmlindsay @OllyGrender doing brilliant job on #Marr. More, I say.

David Jones ‏@djcardiff

Who's Olly Grender and where have the Lib Dems been hiding her? #impressive #marr

James ‏@ShamusMcWhirter

Voice of sense and reason for a fairer Wales @LeanneWood on #Marr #marrshow

David Smith ‏@davidinossett

Thanks @OllyGrender good stuff about Lib Dem - Labour relations. Sot on. #marrshow

silverstrivers ‏@silverstrivers

@George_Osborne gave a v good account of himself! v impressive #marrshow

Christopher Hope ‏@christopherhope

What a shame. No shots of George Osborne and Tristram Hunt sitting awkwardly on the sofa at the end of the #MarrShow

Darren Heaps ‏@heapd77

Osborne highly unconvincing on social care issue on #marrshow .Starts spouting on about strong economy and defence.

Brobdingnang ‏@brobdingnang

Get some nuns on the #marrshow next week - please!

Gary1969 ‏@westhamgary

Osbourne is so polished compared to the bumbling Tristan Hunt #marrshow

i mac ‏@Ianmac5Ian

@George_Osborne comes across as a totally dishonest politician #marrshow

Jack Hart ‏@MrJacHart

Better than usual interview from George Osborne #MarrShow

Allan Rees ‏@welshpolitical

Andrew Marr giving Osborne a grilling. #marrshow

Dominic Campbell ‏@dominiccampbell

Can't remember the last time I was inspired by a senior Labour politician. This morning it's Tristram Hunt's turn #marrshow

quirki berserki ‏@quirkiberserki

Tristram Hunt on #MarrShow, not impressive.

Ben Crowden ‏@CrowdenBen

Hugely unimpressed by Tristram Hunt on #marrshow this morning. Labour needs to step up its game.

Lauren McCann ‏@lauren1054

#marrshow Good to hear Tristian Hunt talking about SureStart & school collaboration. I still don't quite know what to make of him though...

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