Quiz: What the Papers Say

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What was Fleet Street writing about last week?

1. Which witness at Leveson admitted to holding £40,000 shares in News Corporation, while working in Downing Street?

a) Alistair Campbell

b) Andy Coulson

c) Tony Blair

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2. How did Rebekah Brooks tell the Leveson Inquiry that David Cameron had signed off text messages to her?

a) LOL (meaning lots of love)

b) LOL (meaning laugh out loud)

c) With an X

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3. Which proprietor told Leveson that it would have been rude to discuss business during his stay at Chequers?

a) Lord Rothmere, chairman of the Daily Mail

b) Aidan Barclay, chairman of the owners of The Telegraph

c) Alexander Lebedev, owner of The Evening Standard

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4. Which leader announced his support for Gay Marriage?

a) David Cameron

b) Barack Obama

c) Francois Hollande

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5. Which long standing Lib Dem policy made it into the Queen's Speech, despite Conservative opposition?

a) Lords Reform

b) Increasing the top rate of tax

c) AV

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