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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What was Fleet Street writing about this week?

1. Jeremy Paxman told the Leveson inquiry which former tabloid editor taught him how to hack phones?

a) Andy Coulson

b) Piers Morgan

c) Rebekah Brooks

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2. A News International lobbyist called which Cabinet Member "daddy" in a text message exchange?

a) Nick Clegg

b) George Osborne

c) Jeremy Hunt

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3. Which American TV and pop star carried the Olympic Torch last week?

a) Paula Abdul

b) Justin Timberlake

c) Will I am

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4. A Government advisor, Adrian Beecroft, called a Cabinet Member a socialist after they had criticised Mr Beecroft's employment regulation report. Who was it?

a) Vince Cable

b) Nick Clegg

c) Caroline Spelman

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5. Who did David Cameron call a 'muttering idiot' at PMQs last week?

a) Ed Miliband

b) Ed Balls

c) George Osborne

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