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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What were the newspapers talking about this week?

1. What was Stephen Fry's main criticism of the BBC's coverage of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee?

a) A presenter referred to Her Majesty as 'HRH the Queen'

b) The Dimbleby brothers didn't take part

c) He wasn't invited to be the lead presenter.

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2. Why was Prince Philip admitted to hospital during the Jubilee celebrations?

a) Exhaustion

b) A bladder infections

c) Heart problems.

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3. How did John Prescott describe the conditions of Jubilee stewards doing work experience?

a) Like a Labour camp

b) First class

c) Like a holiday camp.

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4. Which part of Britain was worst affected by floods at the weekend?

a) Wales

b) Scotland

c) London.

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5. Which former couple took to Twitter to air their greivances?

a) Kate Rothschild and Ben Goldsmith

b) Chris Huhne and Vicky Price

c) Myleene Klass and Graham Quinn

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