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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What were the papers talking about this week?

1. Who did Andy Murray beat to get into the Wimbledon final?

a) Rafael Nadal

b) Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

c) Novak Djokovic

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2. Why did Bob Diamond appear before the Treasury Select Committee?

a) To explain why Libor manipulation had happened at Barclays Bank

b) To discuss his bonus

c) To appoint his successor

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3. Why did the Chief Executive of Ulster Bank not take his bonus last week?

a) A computer problem remained unresolved, blocking access to many customers' accounts

b) The bank did not make enough money last year

c) The bank did not lend to enough businesses.

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4. Who was appointed as the BBC's new Director General?

a) George Entwistle

b) Greg Dyke

c) Chris Patten.

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5. Why did hundreds of women protest at a Bristol cafe?

a) The coffee was too expensive

b) It closed too early

c) A woman was criticised for breastfeeding in the cafe.

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