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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What were the newspapers talking about this week?

1. Who will appear before MPs to explain their role in Olympic Security problems, which emerged last week?

a) The Chief Executive of G4S

b) Jeremy Hunt

c) Teresa May

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2. Olympic organisers were worried about cracked that appeared in which motorway?

a) M4

b) M25

c) M6

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3. Which footballer was acquitted of racial abuse?

a) Anton Ferdinand

b) John Terry

c) Vinny Jones

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4. Which Tory MP was blamed by the whips for leading the House of Lords reform rebellion?

a) Ken Clarke

b) Jesse Norman

c) Jacob Rees Mogg

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5. The players of which British Olympic team will be wearing more clothes than planned if the weather does not improve?

a) Swimming

b) Shooting

c) Beach volleyball

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