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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What were the newspapers talking about this week?

1. Which British newspaper printed the pictures of Prince Harry naked on holiday?

a) The Mirror

b) The Sun

c) The Telegraph

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2. Which American politician claimed that victims of 'legitimate rape' rarely get pregnant?

a) Todd Akin

b) Mitt Romney

c) Barack Obama

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3. Which media organisation decided not to erect a statue of its former employee, George Orwell?

a) The Times

b) The BBC

c) The Spectator

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4. A set of exams is having its gradings investigated: which ones?

a) GCSEs

b) A levels

c) Degree finals

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5. The family of which astronaut asked people to remember him by winking at the moon?

a) Neil Armstrong

b) Buzz Aldrin

c) Yuri Gagarin

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What the Papers Say is next broadcast on 2nd September with Nick Watt.

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