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PCC results: Breakdown

Police and crime commissioner elections around England and Wales have seen a record low in terms of national turnout - less than 15% in 41 areas.

There is some variation within the overall turnout picture with Staffordshire recording the lowest figure at 11.6% and Northamptonshire having the highest turnout of 20%.

PCC results: Breakdown

But even the high of 20% is still beneath the previous lowest national peacetime turnout of 23% which came in the European elections of 1999.

The chairwoman of the Electoral Commission said the turnout was "a concern for everyone who cares about democracy".

But Prime Minister David Cameron said numbers were always going to be low when holding an election for the first time.

Some 192 candidates stood for the 41 posts, which cover England and Wales apart from London. Labour and the Conservatives fielded candidates in each area, with Liberal Democrats running 24 candidates.

The results were Conservatives - 16, Labour - 13, Independents - 12, Liberal Democrats - 0.

A total of 35 women stood as candidates. Six were elected making 14.6% of the 41 new police and crime commissioners. This compares to the 22% of women MPs in the House of Commons.