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Candidates announced for South Shields by-election

Nine candidates have announced they will be standing in the South Shields by-election.

It was called when David Miliband stepped down as MP, following his announcement last month he was moving to the US to work for a charity.

Labour has held the seat since 1935, most recently with a majority of more than 11,000.

The by-election will take place on 2 May, the same day as local elections across England.

Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Karen Allen - Conservative

Hugh Annand - Liberal Democrat

Lady Dorothy MacBeth Brookes - British National Party

Phil Brown - The Independent Socialist Party

Thomas Faithful Darwood - Independent

Richard Elvin - UK Independence Party

Howling Laud Hope - The Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Ahmed Khan - Independent

Emma Lewell-Buck - Labour

Lee Nelson - Independent (nomination withdrawn).

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