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Harassment claim against Tory MP and wife rejected by tribunal

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Claims of unfair dismissal and sexual harassment by the former housekeeper of a Tory MP and his wife have been thrown out by an employment tribunal panel.

The housekeeper claimed she had been effectively dismissed shortly after she had rejected sexual advances by the MP and his wife in their home.

But they said she had quit after they had told her disciplinary proceedings had been brought against her.

The MP and his wife were granted anonymity during the hearing.

The housekeeper alleged the MP and his wife had invited her into a sitting room where they had begun to kiss in front of her and then touched her sexually before she had fled the room.

The claimant said weeks after the alleged touching incident, she had been abruptly asked to move out of the house and given £300 in cash, which she had felt had given her no choice but to resign.

The couple rejected the claims, stating the claimant had quit after they had informed her disciplinary proceedings had been brought against her because of her dealings with other members of staff.

During the hearing, which took place at a tribunal centre in the south of England, the housekeeper's former civil partner suggested she had "concocted" the allegations and had also lied at a previous tribunal about another alleged sex assault.

The case against the MP and his wife was unanimously dismissed.