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In full: Lib Dem conference 2013 agenda

The Liberal Democrat annual conference gets under way in Glasgow on Saturday. Here are the main speakers and debates.

Saturday 14, September

14.20-14.35 Formal Opening of the Federal Conference by business minister Jo Swinson MP

15.00-16.30 Policy motion: A Balanced Working Life (Low and Middle Income Households Policy Paper)

16.30-16.50 Speech by party president Tim Farron MP

16.50-17.20 Emergency Motions

Evening fringe

Sunday 15th September

10.20-11.50 Policy motion: Green Growth and Green Jobs (Transition to a Zero Carbon Britain Policy Paper)

11.50-12.30 Policy motion: Cycling Reform

12.30-12.50 Speech by Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey

Lunchtime fringe

14.15-14.35 Report: Federal Executive

14.35-15.05 Constitutional Responsibilities of Members

15.05-15.25 Speech by leader of Scottish Lib Dems Willie Rennie MSP

15.25-17.00 Policy motion: Learning for Life (Education and Skills from Upper Secondary to Lifelong Learning Policy Paper)

17.00-18.00 Policy motion: Protecting Children from Online Pornography

Evening fringe

Monday 16th September

09.00-10.00 Policy motion: A New Liberal Democrat Approach to Race Equality

10.00-11.40 Policy motion: Strengthening the UK Economy

11.40-12.30 Policy motion: Cohabitation Rights

12.30-12.50 Speech by Business Secretary Vince Cable MP

Lunchtime fringe

14.15-14.25 Report: Diversity Engagement Group, Report: Campaign for Gender Balance

14.25-14.45 Speech by leader of Welsh Lib Dems Kirsty Williams AM

14.45-15.30 Q&A session: Party leader Nick Clegg MP

15.30-17.15 Policy motion: Fairer Taxes

17.15-18.00 Policy motion: Making Housing Benefit Work for Tenants in Social Housing

Evening fringe

Tuesday 17th September

09.00-09.45 Emergency motion or topical issue discussion

09.45-10.15 Policy motion: Recognising a Legal Status for British Sign Language

10.15-11.00 Policy motion: Preventing and Tackling Sexual and Domestic Violence

11.00-11.20 Speech by leader of Lib Dem MEPs Fiona Hall

11.20-12.50 Policy motion: Defending the Future - UK Defence in the 21st Century (Defence Policy Paper)

Lunchtime fringe

14.15-14.55 Policy motion: Dignity at Home: Transforming Home Care

14.55-15.15 Speech by Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander MP

15.15-16.40 Policy motion: Prosperous, Sustainable and Secure (Europe Policy Paper)

16.40-17.20 Policy motion: Impact of the Private Finance Initiative on the National Health Service

17.20-18.00 Policy motion: High Street Gambling

Evening fringe

Wednesday 18th September

09.00-10.30 Emergency motions

10.30-10.50 Speech by Scottish Secretary Michael Moore MP

10.50-12.00 Policy motion: A Stronger Economy in a Fairer Society (Manifesto Themes Paper)

12.00-12.40 Policy motion: Human Rights

Lunchtime fringe

14.20-14.50 Party awards

14.50-15.35 Speech by party leader Nick Clegg MP