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Labour views: Ed's to-do list

Labour conference-goers tell party leader Ed Miliband what he needs to do to win power in 2015.

Lee Forster-Kirkham, Hastings

"We need to get out on the streets and tell people what we believe. We need to convince people that we can improve things. I think we have been a bit invisible of late.

"Ed was right to focus on living standards and wages need to keep pace.

"But I'm just concerned personally, as a small business owner, that we don't try and force the burden on to small businesses and increase wages too fast."

Pete Willsman, Oxford

"We are ahead in the polls so we don't need to worry. As long as we are ahead in the polls the Tories are done for.

"It's governments that lose elections, not oppositions that win them. We have to stay united, have policies that our voters respond to and I think we will relatively sail into office.

"Because the Tories are never going to get a majority. They are wiped out in Scotland, wiped out in Wales, wiped out in most Northern cities. The Tories are basically going into the history books and they will split."

Liz Howarth, Oxford

"He's got to keep his team together, make more of his team. He has shown himself as a leader. I perhaps wouldn't have believed that a year ago but he has. He's changed.

"He's taken the bull by the horns and he wants to get his team up to his speed, and announce their strengths as well. I feel much more optimistic, there is hope."

Barbara Roy-MaCauley, Barking and Dagenham

"I think he has got to appeal to families and pensioners, because people think their pensions are going to be eroded or if they aren't, it's going to be consumed by rising prices.

"So you won't be able to enjoy what you have paid in. I have paid into a pension, well how's that going to work if you haven't got the buying power?"

Rupinder Singh, Coventry North-East

"This is a starting point. When we get closer to the next election, hopefully there will be more stuff to come but, at this political stage, this is perfect for us.

"I don't buy this argument that Ed does not look like a prime minister.

"I think on the intellectual arguments, on character, on personality, on every single ground he has stood up and he has proved himself. What else does he need to do? He is perfect on every level."

Amy Cross, Blackpool

"I can now go and knock on the doors of my local residents and say 'actually we are going to repeal the bedroom tax, we are not going to stand for this. We are going to put caps on energy bills, we are going to have votes for 16 and 17-year-olds.

"All these things are really, really helpful. I'm not saying we've got enough policy now, but we have certainly got enough to start with, we have got a 'starter for 10' for the 2014 local elections, which will pave the way, hopefully, for 2015."