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In pictures: Referendum newspaper adverts

A selection of adverts placed in Scotland's newspapers from both sides of the independence debate on the final day of campaigning.

The Yes campaign ran this image of an adult holding a baby's hand underneath the headline "Scotland's future is in your hands" as a full page advert inside the Herald.

The image was also reused as a double-page spread inside both the Daily Record and Scottish Sun.

With the future of the NHS being a strong topic of discussion in the independence debate, the Better Together campaign used an advert inside the Daily Record warning of potential cuts.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy also threw his weight behind the "No" campaign with this full page advert in the Scottish Daily Mail.

Catalonian independence movement Ara es l'Hora took out a full page advert in the Herald congratulating Scotland on taking a vote on its future. The autonomous region in north-east Spain will have its own independence vote on 9 November.

Image copyright scotlandseptember18

Finally, the website took out this full page advert in today's Scottish Sun, claiming to offer unbiased advice to undecided voters.

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