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Labour views: Should UK join action against IS?

If David Cameron wants to get involved in US-led military action against IS militants in Syria he will probably need Labour backing in Parliament. What do Labour members think?

Joyce McCreath, County Durham

I personally don't think we should get involved. I agree that something needs to be done, don't get me wrong, but I just don't think we are in a position to do it. I think the way it's gone this morning, with American and Arab forces going in, I think that's been a good start and I think we should be there to back any negotiations that need to be done. I think we should offer support and back-up not actually get involved in the fighting.

Mike Dixon, Newton Aycliffe

It's very difficult. There are no easy solutions. I agreed with the {House of Commons Syria] vote last year because who were we going to support? It was the ones we are now going to attack. That summarises the whole mess of the situation doesn't it? It will only be resolved ultimately by the Arab nations themselves, with support.

Toby and James Denselow

Toby: I am against intervention, at the moment. The situation has changed since the last vote on Syria. I am still not that keen towards intervention given its history in Iraq and Afghanistan but if the conditions for responsibility to protect are met then I would be.

James: I disagree. This isn't the same intervention as last year. This is intervening against ISIS. It's not about regime change and it's a broad coalition, including the Gulf countries. The Syrian regime are, apparently, happy enough with it. They were informed about these strikes. It's a joined up strategy from Obama, it's going through the UN today. There clearly is a threat to us and our values and I think it is a different environment to the vote last year and I think Britain should be part of this, whether directly though air strikes or indirectly through the wider support the coalition needs to be successful.

Josie Potts, Bassettlaw

I would say yes to intervention because I hope they would help us in a time of need. If we need help I would hope that they would be there. It is the children I worry about. The children and the families. It's a difficult decision but what's got to be done, has got to be done, hasn't it?

David Matson, Vauxhall

It needs to be addressed. The Labour Party has never backed away from taking up the cudgels against injustice and this kind of extremism. I don't know about British troops on the ground. Moral support, perhaps air support. I think it is different last year in the sense that this is a situation that affects an awful lot of countries. This has the potential to be cancer in all of that area. It is not a nationalistic issue. I think it would be wrong (not to get involved). I think it would be seen as appeasement."