Who's winning the tax dodge row?

David Cameron and Ed Miliband

Dodgy...bang to rights...up to his neck.

Not normal parliamentary language, but those are the words and phrases Ed Miliband used today in the Commons to allege that David Cameron's Tory party takes money from tax dodgers.

Even by the standards of Prime Minister's Questions it was pretty strong stuff and it has led one donor to warn that if the allegations against him are repeated outside, Ed Miliband will end up in court facing a libel action.

The Labour leader's aides say that he sees this as another Milly Dowler moment - the moment when he spoke out against phone hacking and took on Rupert Murdoch.

They see this row as an opportunity to be seen standing up to the rich and powerful and to be seen to be, in their political strategists' favourite phrase, "on your side".

The Conservatives respond that Mr Miliband's got his facts wrong and is guilty of hypocrisy - since today's list of party donors with Swiss bank accounts includes Labour donors too

You might think this is a row about banks and tax avoidance. You might want it to be. It is, though, yet another act in the pre-election drama.