Girl films Cameron eating Pringles on an Easyjet flight

media captionDavid Cameron filmed tucking into crisps on budget flight

A teenage girl has added a new chapter to the politicians-eating-things file after filming David Cameron tucking into a tube of paprika Pringles.

The PM was chomping on the £1.80 snack on an Easyjet flight to Portugal - sparking incredulity on social media.

Fellow passenger Ashleigh was amazed too, telling her Twitter followers: "Guys I'm crying he was eating Pringles."

"I found the experience humbling," she told BBC News.

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The eagle-eyed teenager also managed to grab a selfie with the apparently oblivious Mr Cameron to liven up the holiday flight she was taking with her boyfriend.

The prime minister, who was sitting with his bodyguards, can be seen playing with - or possibly working on - his iPad in an economy seat.

He is believed to have been flying out to Portugal to join wife Samantha and their three children on holiday.

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Twitter users were quick to flag up other examples of snack-related Cameron trivia - such as a curious picture of him eating a hot dog with a knife and fork during the election campaign.

Others wondered why the prime minister was using a budget airline, suggesting he was trying to burnish his "man of the people" credentials.

Britain's political leaders have been wary of being pictured eating since then Labour leader Ed Miliband was snapped by a press photographer having difficulties with a bacon sandwich.