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Jeremy Corbyn victory: Reaction in quotes

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From rank outsider to runaway winner, Jeremy Corbyn secured an astonishing landslide victory.

The new Labour leader began his acceptance speech by thanking everyone who took part in "this huge democratic exercise" which he says has shown Labour to be "passionate, democratic, diverse, united and determined in our quest for a decent and better society".

His win has sparked plenty of reaction from across the political spectrum. Here is a selection.

Ed Miliband, former Labour leader

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Media captionEd Miliband: ''I'll be offering Jeremy Corbyn my support, and I hope people across the party do so too''

"I offer Jeremy Corbyn my support in what is a very difficult and demanding job, and I hope that people across the party will do the same. At the same time, I hope and expect that Jeremy will do everything he can to reach out and use the talents of people right across the party in the task of taking on the Tories and facing up to the very big challenges that we face. For my part, I will be supporting his work by advancing the causes I care most about - including tackling inequality and climate change - from the backbenches."

Lord Prescott, Labour's former deputy prime minister

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"Four months has fundamentally changed the nature of the Labour party, and the speech from the leader - who won in every section, in the biggest election we've had, and he's the man who's talked about what I call the traditional values of Labour; he talked about housing, he talked about the economy, about people's working rights. They're the values that the young people in this election really want to hear, and that's why he's won substantially. So the debate will begin, and I do hope those that are suggesting they'll resign, just think of the Labour party. This is the biggest election of Labour members saying they want change."

Ken Livingstone, former mayor of London

"It isn't just the new members who joined who've supported Jeremy, he won a majority among the ones that have been there all through the Blair years as well, and so I think that people will come. You heard his speech, he's very open, I mean he's trying to bring everybody in. Some will object for a bit, but the moment Jeremy starts to do well in the polls, those doubts will go. These are people who want to be in the next Labour government and they will not do anything to undermine Jeremy if they think he's going to be prime minister, with all those jobs to hand out."

Andy Burnham, Labour leadership runner up and shadow health secretary

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Media captionAndy Burnham: New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ''has very deep beliefs, very strong principles''

"I gave this contest everything I've got. It wasn't what the party wanted and I respect the views of our members. They wanted change, and that will now come. There's no offer [of a shadow cabinet role] been made - but today is not the day to head off into sunset. We need to stand together and get behind our new leader. It's beholden on people like me to get behind the new leader."

Yvette Cooper, Labour leadership third place runner up

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Media captionYvette Cooper MP: "I'm not taking my bat and ball home... I will be part of working for the Labour Party"

"Congratulations to Jeremy, because it was clearly, as you said, a very strong win for him. I think obviously he and Tom and the new leadership team will now want to be reaching out across the country to the public, because this is what this is now got to be about, is not just our debate within the party that we've had within the last few months, but about the country as well."

Liz Kendall, Labour leadership fourth place runner up

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Media captionLiz Kendall: ''We've got to turn away from an internal debate...and turn our fire on the Tories and not in on ourselves''

"Jeremy has earned the right, with this huge mandate, to push his agenda and programme. And I will always continue to argue for the things I believe in, that I care about and constructively work with Jeremy and the leadership in whatever way I can. It's happened now and we've got to turn away from an internal debate, to the public and turn our fire on the Tories and not in on ourselves. That's how we'll actually have the chance of winning in 2020 because we want to get the Tories out and we want to have the chance to put our principles into practice."

Diane Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney

"Tony Blair isn't always right. The truth is, harnessing all the energy of all those young people - and older members who've returned to us - I believe the Labour party's going to go forward and win in 2020."

Jamie Reed, former shadow health minister

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"No amount of well-meaning protest will protect the NHS, drive up standards, recruit more medical professionals or improve the accessibility of world-class health care to the British people. Only an elected Labour government will do this."

Rachel Reeves, former shadow work and pension secretary

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Michael Fallon, Conservative defence secretary

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Media captionMichael Fallon: "This election shows that Labour is a serious risk to our security''

"This election shows that Labour now poses a very serious risk to our security - our national security, because they would undermine our defences; to our economic security, because there'd be taxes on jobs, taxes on earnings, and more borrowing, and to the security of every family. That would affect all working people."

Nick Hurd, Conservative MP for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner

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Dave Prentis, Unison general secretary

"Today people for the first time in a decade are hearing a message of hope. A clarion call that there is another way, an alternative message that it doesn't need to be like this. People see in Jeremy a politician who has created a wave, a vision of a better, kinder world that works for everyone, not just a self-serving few. Jeremy has ignited a spark of hope, a spark that had been dampened for decades. This is a chance to claim back the heart and the soul of the party and make it our Labour Party once more."

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP leader and Scottish First Minister

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Media captionFirst Minister Nicola Sturgeon: "Labour have to demonstrate that they've got a credible chance of beating the Tories in England"
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"The reality today is that, at a time when the country needs strong opposition to the Tories, Jeremy Corbyn leads a deeply, and very bitterly, divided party. Indeed, if Labour cannot quickly demonstrate that they have a credible chance of winning the next UK general election, many more people in Scotland are likely to conclude that independence is the only alternative to continued Tory government."

Nigel Farage, UKIP leader

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Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein president

"I have known Jeremy for many years. He is a good friend of Ireland and of the Irish peace process. I wish him well in his new and challenging role as leader of the British Labour Party and look forward to working with him in the time ahead to ensure that the gains of the peace process are built upon."

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader

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"The selection of Jeremy Corbyn... shows how many people support an alternative to austerity economics, to the head-in-the-sand approach to our environmental crisis and to tired, business-as-usual politics. We hope Corbyn will encourage his supporters to join with us and other campaigners working on these issues, and, in particular, on pushing the issue of climate change to the top of the political agenda ahead of the upcoming Paris talks."

Cristina fernandez de Kirchner, Argentinian president

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"Jeremy Corbyn is a great friend of Latin America and shares, in solidarity, our demands for equality and political sovereignty. He has clearly spoken in favour of Argentina in the British Parliament regarding our struggle for human rights, against the usurious interests of vulture funds. In addition, he actively supports the call of the international community for dialogue between the United Kingdom and Argentina in the Malvinas Question. Today is the triumph of hope."

Foreign press

"Like [Bernie] Sanders, Corbyn is trying to foment revolution from within by seeking to tear down an existing party establishment that both men see as too cozy with big business and too prone to military adventurism overseas."

Washington Post

"Corbyn's victory is an earthquake in the history of Labour... senior party figures see the win as a catastrophe".

el Periodico

"A leftwing utopian, not fit for the real world".

Stefanie Bolzen, the London correspondent of Die Welt.

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