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David Cameron calls for dementia research funding

David Cameron Image copyright Getty Images

David Cameron has called for more funding for dementia, as he was announced as the new president of Alzheimer's Research UK.

The former prime minister said there should be a more open discussion around dementia, which must not be written off as "an inevitability of later life".

Writing in the Times, he said dementia funding was too far behind cancer research and stroke research.

He quit as prime minister and then left Parliament after the EU referendum.

He has already taken on a role with the National Citizen Service.

On his latest position, Mr Cameron said: "We must win the battle for priorities.

"Cancer research and stroke research deserve all their funding - but dementia shouldn't be so far behind."

He added: "Dementia steals people's lives, turns their relationships upside down, destroys their hopes and dreams.

"We owe it to them, their families and their carers to find a solution."

The former Witney MP said he was "delighted" at his new job, adding: "Dementia is not inevitable and research is our greatest weapon against it."