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Nigel Farage and wife Kirsten 'living separate lives'

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Nigel Farage's wife has told the Press Association that she and her husband have been living "separate lives".

Kirsten Farage said the former UKIP leader had moved out of the family home in Kent and the situation "suits everyone" involved.

The remarks follow an unconfirmed newspaper report that Mr Farage was sharing a house in London with the French director of a think-tank.

Mr and Mrs Farage married in 1999 and have two children.

Mr Farage has not commented on the statement put out by his wife.

German-born Mrs Farage said in a statement to the Press Association: "My husband and I have lived separate lives for some years and he moved out of the family home a while ago.

"This is a situation that suits everyone and is not news to any of the people involved."

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Image caption Kirsten Farage asked reporters to leave her alone

She urged reporters not to "doorstep" her family home, saying: "Having press camped out in front of my house is extremely distressing, especially for my children. Please let us get on with our lives."

The Mail on Sunday reported at the weekend that Laure Ferrari - who runs the Institute for Direct Democracy in Europe (IDDE) - has been living in the former UKIP leader's house in Chelsea for the past week.

Mr Farage told the newspaper that he was helping her out because she needed accommodation and had nowhere else to stay.

Ms Ferrari said she had been forced to move out of her own flat after the European Parliament stopped IDDE's funding.

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