Green Party's Lucas calls for consent lessons for MPs


Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas has called for compulsory training for MPs to teach them about consent.

It comes as allegations and rumours relating to sexual harassment and abuse by MPs swirl around Westminster.

The Green MP told BBC 5 Live: "What we need is compulsory training for all MPs. How to understand what consent is.

"Some basic stuff that you might have thought people would have gained along the way before they got into parliament, but clearly they haven't."

The Greens campaign for consent lessons to be part of compulsory Personal, Social and Health Education in schools.

The party's deputy leader Amelia Womack said "many in Westminster are utterly failing to understand the power dynamics at play between male MPs, senior political party figures and other staff like assistants and researchers".

She said lessons in professional boundaries and "what is and isn't appropriate in the workplace" were needed.

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