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Jeremy Corbyn's 162 questions for the PM in 2017

Jeremy Corbyn Image copyright HoC

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn asked 162 questions at Prime Minister's Questions in 2017. Here is a list of them all, and a breakdown by topic.

Topics raised by Corbyn in 2017 PMQs with May

The opposition leader gets six questions per session

11 January

NHS and social care

18 January


25 January


1 February

Donald Trump

8 February

NHS - two questions

Surrey Council - four questions

22 February


1 March

PIP/Welfare changes

8 March

School places and funding

15 March

NIC changes

22 March

School places - four questions

Grammar schools - two questions

29 March

Westminster terrorist attack - one question

Cuts to policing - three questions

Cuts to education budget - one question

19 April

Prime ministerial debate

Child poverty rates


School budgets - two questions

NHS waiting times

26 April

Housing - three questions

WASPI women and education

NHS waiting lists - two questions

28 June

Grenfell Tower

5 July

Public Sector Pay

12 July


19 July


6 September

Zero Hours / Low Pay

Corporate Pay

Energy Prices / Profits

Sports Direct / Zero Hours

Public Sector Pay

Income Tax / NI / VAT Rates

13 September

Disability Welfare Cuts

Public Sector Pay

Public Sector Pay

Pay v Inflation

Student Fees


11 October

Universal credit - five questions

The government's record

18 October

Wage stagnation / Economy - two questions

Pausing Universal Credit

NHS pay rise funding

Young people debt / Economy


25 October

Universal Credit - five questions

Government record

1 November

Tax Avoidance

15 November


Public Sector Cuts

Universal Credit


SchoolsTax Avoidance

22 November

Brexit - five questions

Tax avoidance

29 November

Government Record

Nurse Retention - three questions

NHS Provision


6 December

Brexit - five questions

Government's record

13 December

Housing - five questions

Government's record

20 December

NHS - five questions

Social care

* The list does not include occasions when the Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn did not take part in PMQs

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