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David Davis has sick bucket on hand during BBC interview

David Davis and Andrew Marr

When David Davis was being grilled on the Andrew Marr Show about negotiations with the EU, something else was spotted by sharp-eyed Sunday morning viewers.

On the floor beside the under-the-weather Brexit secretary was a strategically-placed bin, acting as a makeshift sick bucket.

Thankfully he managed to navigate the interview without resorting to it.

Introducing him, Marr said Mr Davis had "struggled here despite feeling most unwell this morning".

"If the camera suddenly switches to you, the audience will know what's happened," Mr Davis replied.

On Twitter, the Marr show's editor joked that the use of the bin showed "commendable concern for our studio floor and furniture".

The Sun's Tom Newton Dunn, who was due to appear on the BBC's Sunday Politics, offered more details, saying the Brexit secretary was suffering from "extreme food poisoning".

And it certainly didn't escape the attention of eagle-eyed viewers.

During the interview, Mr Davis said it was "incredibly probable" that the UK would reach a deal with the EU and compared contingency planning for a stalemate to having home insurance in case your house burns down.

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