Brexit won't ruin Strictly Come Dancing - No 10

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media captionVince Cable and June Brown on Strictly Come Dancing

Downing Street has reassured fans of Strictly Come Dancing that the show is not at risk from Brexit, following claims by Sir Vince Cable.

Sir Vince - who appeared on the the Strictly Christmas special in 2010 - said a "cack-handed" immigration policy could stop dancers from the EU appearing on the show.

The Lib Dem leader made the comments after a meeting with Michel Barnier.

He made the case for a second referendum to the EU negotiator.

Many of the professional dancers on Strictly Come Dancing come from EU countries.

"As British society falls apart it could pose a risk to Strictly," Sir Vince, who has said he wants to halt Brexit, told The Telegraph.

"If we have a cack-handed immigration policy like what we have for non-EU citizens, all kinds of perverse decisions could be made,"

But a Downing Street spokesperson said: "I think Strictly will be fine."

The government has faced calls from dance companies, the Musicians' Union and other arts organisations to protect the free movement of performers when the UK leaves the EU in March.

Launched by the BBC in 2004, Strictly Come Dancing has become a firm Saturday night favourite and is currently in its 16th series.