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Lord Tebbit reprimanded by Lords chief whip for interruption

Lord Tebbit Image copyright HoL

Former cabinet minister Lord Tebbit has been slapped down in the Lords after interrupting a fellow peer.

The veteran Brexiteer and former ally of Lady Thatcher showed his irritation during a speech by Remain-supporting Tory colleague Lord Cormack.

"Do sit down, please," cried the 87-year-old peer - not the done thing in the Upper House.

He was later given a reprimand by the Lords chief whip, although he had departed the chamber by then.

Lord Tebbit had suggested that as a privy counsellor - a senior Parliamentarian - he had precedence over Lord Cormack.

Baroness Hayman, former Lords speaker and Crossbench peer, questioned Lord Taylor, the chief whip in the Lords, for confirmation on the status of peers after Lord Tebbit's intervention.

She asked if the insinuation that privy counsellors were more entitled to speak "is not, in fact, correct".

Lord Taylor responded to say "this is a House of peers, we are all equal".

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