Brexit: Limbo remains despite Theresa May's grand gesture

Laura Kuenssberg
Political editor
@bbclaurakon Twitter

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When a lot happens, sometimes we know less.

The prime minister offered to pay the ultimate political price, and leave office - the grandest of gestures any leader ever really has.

For a moment it seemed it might work and line up the support she so desperately needs.

But within a couple of hours her allies in Northern Ireland were refusing to unblock the progress of Theresa May's main mission.

That might not be terminal - one cabinet minister told me the PM may yet have another go at pushing her deal through Parliament against the odds on Friday.

But if Plan A fails, Parliament is not ready with a clear Plan B that could yet succeed.

For fans of a closer trading relationship within the EU than Theresa May's negotiated, there is evidence a customs union could grow to find a majority in the House of Commons.

Those arguing for another referendum too were cheered by the support MPs displayed.

But if it's Parliament's route, not the prime minister's, that prevails; a quick resolution is out of reach for now.

For our politics, for businesses trying to make decisions, for all of us, divisions and tensions between and inside our government - and our Parliament - are too profound to bring this limbo to an end.

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