Brexit: The walls are closing in on Theresa May

Theresa May Image copyright UKParliament/Mark Duffy

If we know one thing about the prime minister it is that she does not give up, even when that seems the obvious, or rational choice.

Parliament has rejected her deal three times now - a reality that would have finished off many previous administrations and leaders.

Whether that is foolhardy and stubborn, or admirably resilient, it is highly likely that at least for another couple of weeks, Theresa May will look through every nook and cranny in Parliament to see if there is a way for her deal to pass through - somehow.

But that's a decision taken in the bunker, and the walls are closing in.

There is little reason tonight to think that, in the end, the burning core of Euroscepticism in the Tory Party will ever accept her deal.

There are few signs that any more than a handful of Labour MPs are really going to take the plunge and ultimately walk through the same lobbies as Theresa May, and Boris Johnson and Iain Duncan Smith.

The prime minister concluded today that our political process is reaching its limits.

But maybe soon it will be her leadership, her deal, that has passed its limits.

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