Green Party unveils European elections candidate list

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image captionGreen Party co-leader Sian Berry says her party is the "strongest choice" for pro-EU voters

The Green Party is the "strongest choice" for pro-EU voters, co-leader Sian Berry has said, after the party unveiled its list of candidates for the European Parliamentary elections.

The latest Brexit delay means the UK may have to take part on 23 May and she said voters should consider the long term when choosing an MEP.

The Greens have 64 candidates for all nine English regions and Wales.

Ms Berry said they want to "fix the problems that led to Brexit".

A number of parties have begun launching their campaigns for the elections after Theresa May agreed a Brexit delay until 31 October with the EU.

The PM has insisted the UK could still leave by 22 May and avoid taking part in the elections if her withdrawal agreement is approved by Parliament, but otherwise, the country is likely to have to take part in the vote.

Ms Berry told BBC Radio 4: "We are standing on the platform of 'for now and for the future'.

"We're the strongest choice you can make if you're a pro-EU voter, but even if you're not, we're the ones who are looking at the problems that led to Brexit in the first place.

"I've been all around the country working on the local elections, and in areas that voted incredibly heavily for Brexit, they're about to elect their first Green councillors onto those councils.

"We can win these elections because we actually are listening to people around the country and we want to fix the problems that led to Brexit."

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The party's candidates include:

  • Molly Scott Cato, MEP for the South West and Brexit spokesperson
  • Magid Magid, outgoing Lord Mayor of Sheffield
  • Gina Dowding, Lancashire councillor and anti-fracking campaigner
  • Alex Phillips, deputy mayor of Brighton and Hove
  • Scott Ainslie, a councillor in Lambeth

Who is standing in the European elections?

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The European Parliamentary elections are expected to take place in the UK on 23 May - if the UK has not left the EU by that date.

The UK is divided into 12 regions, each represented by between three and 10 MEPs depending on population size.

Seats in England, Scotland and Wales are awarded to parties according to their share of the vote, to candidates on lists drawn up by the parties.

Northern Ireland elects MEPs using a single transferable vote system, with voters able to rank candidates in order of preference.

The deadline for nominations for candidates is 16:00 BST on Wednesday 24 April for the South West Region (including Gibraltar) and 16:00 on Thursday 25 for all other candidates.

But the lists of candidates announced so far include:

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