Local elections: Results in maps and charts

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Voters have delivered a stinging rebuke to the two main parties at Westminster in the local elections in England, with ballots still being counted in Northern Ireland.

See the results below in our interactive map.

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By-elections can take place in some council wards even if that council is not scheduled for elections this year. Check your council website for details.

With all the results declared in England the Conservatives have lost over 1,300 councillors while Labour has also seen dozens of losses. The Lib Dems and Greens have both made significant gains, with the Lib Dems gaining more than 700 councillors and the Greens nearly 200.

Independent candidates have also made unusually large gains, as shown by the rise of "Others" in the above chart.

Professor Sir John Curtice has calculated how Thursday's vote would translate across Britain. This projection of the national vote share puts Labour and the Conservatives both on 28%.

The Lib Dems were the big winners in terms of councils, taking over 10, seven of which were at the expense of the Conservatives. Their most impressive victory was in Chelmsford where they flipped a majority of 23.

The Conservatives saw big losses in the south west, particularly the new councils of Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole and Somerset West & Taunton. Labour suffered its biggest loss in Ashfield, where it lost 20 councillors and the control of the council passed to Independents.

Labour won seats in many parts of the country, and the party's largest gain was 16 councillors in the former UKIP stronghold of Thanet. The Conservatives' largest gain was in North East Derbyshire.

Support for the major parties fell more heavily in their heartlands, according to Prof Curtice, with Tories losing most seats in the south of England and Labour in the north.

The Green Party were one of the beneficiaries of the main parties' misfortune, gaining nearly 200 new councillors across the country and only failing to defend seats in two areas.

Meanwhile, UKIP lost councillors in many areas. The biggest loss came in their old heartland of Thanet, where former-leader Nigel Farage campaigned unsuccessfully to become an MP in 2015.

Several mayoral elections have also taken place across England. Middlesbrough and Copeland returned independent mayors, while the North of Tyne returned a Labour mayor as did Leicester. Bedford re-elected its Liberal Democrat mayor.

Which councils have changed hands

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