How did your MP vote on the latest Brexit bill?

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MPs in Parliament

MPs have voted overwhelmingly for the latest Brexit bill.

Boris Johnson's healthy majority meant the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill passed its second reading with ease, but it was also backed by six Labour MPs.

Thirty-two Labour MPs and 10 Conservatives did not vote.

The motion was passed by 358 to 234.

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The re-aligned House of Commons looks very different from the one that voted on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in October.

Some of the Labour MPs that backed the government last time around either stood down or lost their seats at the election on 12 December.

Many of the former Conservative MPs that lost the whip for rebelling against the government in an earlier vote have also gone.

MPs also voted for the government's proposed timetable for the bill by 353 votes to 243.

Under this timetable, MPs will scrutinise the details of the bill for two days when the Commons returns in January.

How MPs voted on the previous Withdrawal Agreement bill.

By Wesley Stephenson, Daniel Dunford and Maryam Ahmed.